I am so grateful to Hume City Garage Doors. As I was in situation where my daughter accidentally drove though my garage door. So I called these guys to see if they could fix it for me within a couple hours they came and did such a good job at fixing my garage door for me and luckily I didn't even have to miss out on any days from work as my car was in the garage.


I must admit that I am a picky customer, but Hume City Garage Doors exceeded my expectations. The level of information this organisation has on garage doors amazed me. They were able to answer all of my enquiries concerning installing a new garage door. I was able to get a new garage door, which I had been wanting for quite some time. I could not recommend these guys enough.


We are so lucky to have found this company as we found ourselves in a tricky situation when our Garage door Motor stopped working. So we got in touch with them and were really thankful they were able to come fix the motor the next day for us. We also loved the customer service we received from this company & highly recommend them to all our friends & family.